Ratings Info

Overall - The rating taking in account all aspects of the casino/hotel including location, amenities and the quantity/quality of services.

Vegas Virgin - The suitability of the hotel for a first time visitor to Las Vegas. Location and amenities are key.

Family - The appropriateness of the hotel with kids. The number of "kid-friendly" options as well as a lack of "kid-unfriendly" ones are considered.

Partier - The number of nightclubs at the hotel and the proximity to others as well as the number of Ed Hardy T-Shirts.

Rooms - The quality and size of the room. The newer, the better.

Restaurants - Number and quality of the hotel's restaurants.

Pool - Size and number of pools and hot tubs as well as the "quality" of those in attendence.

Gambling- Highly subjective person to person but a rough idea of the quality of the casino games as well as the ease of getting comps and what they can be used on. A $500 a hand player is a god at the Gold Spike but does he even want ANYTHING they could offer him? The definition of a low, mid and high roller varies from place to place but in reality, it is usually pretty clear where one falls.